Call Monitoring

A Standalone Call Monitoring Solution garenteed to deliver cost savings. Never miss a call again.

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Active Call Lookup

Call Monitoring will dynamically sync your contacts book with incoming calls, So you will always know who's calling.

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Advanced call filtering

With Call Monitoring, you can search for a specific call from any time at any date along with a wide range of other filters.

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API Integration

Call Monitoring is built on our own custom API which we can allow read access for integration with other software.

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Real-Time call monitoring system for monitoring call detail records.

  • Missed Calls List

    Never let down a potential customer, 85% of the population who's first call is not answered wont ring back. Missed calls can help you get back to the customer as soon as possible.

  • CallBack List

    Callback allows you to add a current call to a callback list, ensuring you never forget to ring someone back

  • Extension and Group matching

    Every call log marks the Extension, Extensions can be given names and be added to groups, all the call logs can then be filtered down using either the group name or extention name

  • Contacts

    Know who's calling, with contacts you can see the name of the person who's calling if they are saved in your contacts list before answering, This feature allows you to add contacts and edit them.

  • Reverse Lookup

    Similar to contacts, we can tell you the name of who's calling if they are a publicly available number.

  • Statistics

    Call Monitoring allows you to gather statistics on all your calls, giving you a deeper insight into your companies calls.